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I can never remember the chkdsk commands. Just like tar in linux, always have to check the man pages.

Standard execution: chkdsk /f /r c:
Cancel scheduled check: chkntfs /x c:

C:\>chkdsk /?
Checks a disk and displays a status report.

CHKDSK [volume[[path]filename]]] [/F] [/V] [/R] [/X] [/I] [/C] [/L[:size]] [/B]

  volume          Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),
                  mount point, or volume name.
  filename        FAT/FAT32 only: Specifies the files to check for fragmentation.
  /F              Fixes errors on the disk.
  /V              On FAT/FAT32: Displays the full path and name of every file
                  on the disk.
                  On NTFS: Displays cleanup messages if any.
  /R              Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
                  (implies /F).
  /L:size         NTFS only:  Changes the log file size to the specified number
                  of kilobytes.  If size is not specified, displays current
  /X              Forces the volume to dismount first if necessary.
                  All opened handles to the volume would then be invalid
                  (implies /F).
  /I              NTFS only: Performs a less vigorous check of index entries.
  /C              NTFS only: Skips checking of cycles within the folder
  /B              NTFS only: Re-evaluates bad clusters on the volume
                  (implies /R)

The /I or /C switch reduces the amount of time required to run Chkdsk by
skipping certain checks of the volume.

Cobain Backup Restore Tool

Cobain is a decent backup software and given that its free I decided to try it out.  The one thing is majorly lacks is the ability to restore incremental backups.  The software makes a sub folder for each backup containing the files that have been changed. The issue?  How do you do a full restore? Going through months of folders copying and pasting files was not something I wanted to do, therefore I wrote a quick a dirty utility to combine the incremental backups into the initial full backup.


Source is in  Its not pretty. I didn’t  intend on anyone seeing the code, just wanted to get my files restored as fast as possible.




Cobain Restore Tool

Cobain Restore Tool – Source